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One Square - Ar Rabi, 7773, Riyadh, SA
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5e738b7ba5c59c20f25254a9 Thermometer Probe https://cdn1.storehippo.com/s/5e5b8eb5e1a30016118f588f/ms.products/5e738b7ba5c59c20f25254a9/images/5e9f2a6150ff2004be201417/5e738b7ba5c59c20f25254a9/webp/5e738b7ba5c59c20f25254a9.jpg Rossmax Thermometer Probe 27077
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Thermometer Probe

30.00 SAR
Rossmax Thermometer Probe
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The Rossmax Ear Thermometer Probe Covers can be used once and then disposed of, meaning that they are sanitary and helps prevent the spread of germs, and often the thermometer may be used by more than one person.
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