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Glitz press on Nails Ovil nude #9

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Press-On Nails Oval Nude #9

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Glitz press on Nails Ovil nude #9

Always remove nail paints and clean your hands with soap and dry completely.

Say goodbye to the messy gels and acrylic nails and hello to the Glitz Press On Nails. This is available in a variety of shapes and colors, Glitz press on nails are a must-have in your dresser. Suitable for weddings, parties, and even casual wear, these artificial nails keep your real nails underneath protected and safe. They come in a package of 24 press on nails with adhesive to make your job easier and quicker. Enjoy getting ready with these lovely artificial nails that make you look super trendy and stylish. They are made with quality materials to stay sturdy. Getting your nails done has never be so easy, as this product does not need any tools or manicure kit

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