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5e738b8ba5c59c20f25256a0 Hand Wash Fresh 200Ml https://cdn1.storehippo.com/s/5e5b8eb5e1a30016118f588f/ms.products/5e738b8ba5c59c20f25256a0/images/5e9f2b205570ec04bcd7b63c/5e738b8ba5c59c20f25256a0/webp/5e738b8ba5c59c20f25256a0.jpg Dettol Hand Wash Fresh 200ml 32370
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Hand Wash Fresh 200Ml

16.43 SAR
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Dettol Hand Wash Fresh 200ml
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Our brand first started in hospitals 80 years ago, where Dettol was first used for the cleaning and disinfection of skin during surgical procedures. Dettol was also used to protect mothers from illness after childbirth. Ever since then, Dettol liquid has been trusted around the world to help clean wounds caused by cuts, bites, grazes, insect stings and for personal hygiene to help mums protect their families from harmful germs. Contains chloroxylenol. Our brand is still valued today as a reliable and effective. Dettol have products which are safe to use on skin but also have powerful enough products to use for environmental germ-killing tasks. Share FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblr ABOUT US Our History What Drives Us Hygiene Partners Teaching new mums healthy habits around the world School Programme Disaster Relief FAQ
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