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Benefits of Baby Lotion on Winter

By Asma Alnumay Jan 27, 2021

The winter air is tough on everyone’s skin, especially for babies and toddlers who have more delicate and sensitive skin than adults. Therefore, their delicate skin needs more care and moisturizing when the seasons are changing and becoming more colder, drier, and harsher. Just as adults, the winds of winter can dry out even the softest of baby cheeks. Wherefore, the importance of baby hydration routine and how to choose the best lotion will be discussed in the following paragraphs to avoid discomforting baby from excessive dryness during the rough winter.


   First, the importance of hydration care for babies’ soft skin will be presented in many points. The nature of baby skin texture is sensitive to change especially with rough weather. Thus, applying lotions on skin help to reduce dryness, irritation, and infections. Moreover, massaging a baby with lotion before bedtime helps to reduce irritability and makes the baby sleep better and deeper during long nights. Indeed, the perfect time for moisturizing products to be applied is after warm bath when the skin is completely clean and ready for absorbing texture such as lotions, milks, and creams. Although, baby skin needs to be moisturized frequently all the time, the need will be greater in the cold winter when the skin losses the natural moist easier than other seasons.


   Second, there are some tips to be followed when you are looking for the best moisturizer for your little sweetheart. On the top of the list, avoid products made with perfumes or alcohol since these ingredients can be irritating or drying the skin. Next, be aware of any allergies baby may have to certain ingredients in lotions, which can cause rashes and skin irritations when used. Thus, free-fragrance, preservatives, and paraben lotions are mostly good for everyday moisturizing to retain hydration, especially after baths and before bedtime while they are safe for baby gentle skin. Nowadays, many brands offer special lines for baby products care to meet the needs of their skin. However, dermatologists and pediatricians agree; the best baby lotion selection depends on your personal preference as well as the type of skin baby has.


   To sum up, the softness of baby skin can be easily dry caused by cold weather. That is why constant applying of baby lotions are recommend avoiding dryness, itching and irritation. Yet, picking the best lotion for your baby should be choosing carefully. Though, pharmacies are fully stocked with baby products, a few of them are safe and good option for your little one.